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Bicom bioresonance method Regumed

Bicom bioresonance method Regumed

Dear Therapist

Thank you for taking an interest in the Bicom bioresonance method. First of all, 1 would like to give you an insight into the Regumed story.

In 1976 I founded Brugemann GmbH. After collaborating with Dr. Morell, the spiritual father of this new therapy, in 1987 the Bicom device was created. I coined the phrase "bioresonance therapy" to describe this type of therapy.

I myself was surprised Ьу the extent and speed of our ехраnsion in the following years. And this despite the fact that bioresonance therapy comes under the field of empirical healing and is still thought of as being outside the mainstream.

At the start of 1996 the соmраnу was renamed REGUMED GmbH.

Му main aim was and still is to help doctors and non-medical practitioners in alleviating and healing illness without damaging side effects.

In 1981 1 founded what is known today as the Regumed Institut fur Regulotive Medizin (Regumed Institute for Regulative Medicine) to ensure that our therapists receive рrореr training. The Institute holds around 40 seminars each уеаг, offering different levels of training.

We are able to draw on over 25 years of experience in bioresonance therapy and, in addition to the quantum and biophysical aspects, this forms the basis of our training. These experiences have olso bееn used to further develop the Bicom device and therefore our users today hove at their disposal а practical, very user-friendly and reliable device: the BICOM 2000.

As well as being represented in тапу countries in Europe, Africa, Asia ond South America, there аrе оуег 60 specialists working in Germany for the benefit of our users.

Our team would bе delighted to welcome you as а new Bicom user in the near future.

Hans Brugemann